Data & Security

Last Updated: May 5, 2023
  • RunQL does not store or view any data that is returned from your database. Your data remains private to you at all times.
  • All queries that you create, edit, version and save belong to you/your organization, we are the custodian for the storage of those queries.
  • Your organization on runQL is managed by your Admin(s) and everything created in your organization is private to your organization.
  • RunQL uses Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) in Canada across multiple availability zones.
  • Access to and communication between our servers is restricted by Network Access Controls and we have a separate secure VPC for production.
  • Sensitive data (eg. database connection passwords) are encrypted in storage and all network communications between servers are protected by TLS.
Product Security
  • Organization admins control and manage team members within their organization.
  • Team members are restricted to the workspaces they have been given access to and are required to have a valid username and password for the database connection(s) defined in a workspace.
  • If needed, you can connect to your databases through an SSH tunnel or whitelist our IP.
  • RunQL account passwords are hashed.
  • All queries run are automatically captured in your organization and available for review by your administrator(s) and/or compliance team.
  • RunSQL performs daily backups and our database is replicated across multiple geographic zones.

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