Level up from data hero to data superhero.

We help data analysts and data teams work 10x faster to increase their productivity by 25%+ every day!

  • Automatic version control and history
  • AI auto documentation
  • Query copilot (SQL & Neo4J Cypher)
  • Query suggestions and syntax autocomplete
  • Run, search, save, and share queries
  • Query chaining (workflows)
  • Support for MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Redshift & BigQuery
  • Support for Neo4J Graph database
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What is runQL?

runQL is a query platform for data teams to run, manage, and reuse queries with smart AI, powerful search, smart suggestions, automatic version control, and AI generated documentation.

Smart Query Tool

A smart query tool like no other to accelerate exploration and save you time.

Query Repository

Easily store, iterate and collaborate on all your queries in one central platform.


Organize your query work and collaborate with teammates anywhere.


Track data access, query changes and full query history.


Query Tool

Say goodbye to query tools that were built on the 1990s paradigm and hello to a smart tool for the next generation of data explorers that will turn you into a modern day superhero.

Auto Suggestions & AI

Powerful query auto suggestions, while you type, from history, teammates and runAI.

Query Chaining (Workflows)

Query data from multiple dbs or split up those gnarly, long queries that previously required CTEs.

AI Auto Descriptions

A non-technical query description is created automatically using AI each time you save a query.


Query Repository

Eliminate the time-consuming, painful process of tracking queries and changes in a separate tool like Git, Google Docs, Confluence, or Sharepoint. Now you can run, track and compare changes made to your queries with ease, in one tool, so you and your team never lose history.

Automatic Version Control

Edit a saved query and it's automatically versioned. No committing or pushing required.

Compare Queries

Compare differences in queries side by side, right from your query window, so you can quickly see the changes.

Search & History

Easily find any query based on query text, database, table, field, description, creator, date, etc.



Avoid the chaos and time wasted in trying to manage and share queries via email, chat, Google Docs, Confluence or Sharepoint. Now you can run, organize, save and share with your team in one tool.


Organize your queries and your team so everyone is on the same page.


Save queries for quick reuse so you and your team can save time.


Share queries and workflows to save everyone time and ensure consistency.



Say hello to the full history of changes, data access and query changes.

Track Data Access

All queries are logged with the person and time of access.

Track Query Changes

Admins can view all changed queries. Filter by date, schema, person and more.

See Full History

Admins can see every query run by every person in your organization.


About Us

We are an experienced group of entrepreneurs, Software Engineers and Data Engineers who are passionate about solving the problems of growing data teams and organizations who depend on data.

Rob is a entrepreneur who has founded and sold two SaaS companies. Previous to runQL Rob was:

  • Founder & CEO, briefed.in (acquired 2022)
  • Chief Strategy Officer (Consultant), Athena Software (acquired 2021)
  • CTO, Communitech
  • Founder & CEO, LaunchSpot (acquired 2017)
  • Director of Enterprise Architecture, Manulife Canada

Kris has been a VP & CTO in early stage and scaling tech companies. Previous to runQL Kris was:

  • CTO, Collide
  • Senior Product Manager, Google
  • CTO, KidsWifi
  • VP Engineering, Bonfire Interactive
  • Software Developer, Blackberry

Robert is a Software and Data Engineer who loves the challenge of solving complex data challenges. Previous to runQL Robert was:

  • Data Analytics Engineer, TinyEYE
  • Data Engineer, Communitech
  • Software Developer, Sherpa Marketing
  • Software Developer, Mafna Air Technologies

John is a Software Engineer who is a technology advisor for runQL. Previously John was:

  • Lead Software Engineer, briefed.in (acquired 2022)
  • Freelance Software Engineer, Crackle Cat Inc.
  • Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer, LaunchSpot (acquired 2017)
  • Software Developer, Quarry Communications